January 2024 Daily Safety Focus

Jan 01: New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Workplace Safety
Jan 02: DUI Serious Matter
Jan 03: Help Prevent the Spread of COVID, RSV & Other Flu-like Illnesses:
Jan 04: 2023 MSHA Fatalities
Jan 05: 5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Powder-Actuated Tool
Jan 06: Mind on Tasks
Jan 07: Cold Stress: How Cold is Too Cold?
Jan 08: Loading Docks: 5 Steps for Safe Operations:
Jan 09: To be Seen is Your Responsibility
Jan 10: 6 Common Signs of Work-Related Fatigue
Jan 11: Can You Identify These Health & Safety Signs?
Jan 12: Cell Phones
Jan 13: Sun Damage is Still a Risk During Colder Months
Jan 14: Tool Quiz
Jan 15: Machinery and Equipment Safety
Jan 16: Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls
Jan 17: Caught-In Hazards
Jan 18: Ladder Safety
Jan 19: Stroke Prevention
Jan 20: Sudden Traffic Stops
Jan 21: A Can-Do Attitude Can Get You Killed
Jan 22: Disabled Vehicles
Jan 23: Parking lot Safety
Jan 24: When Confidence Becomes Carelessness!
Jan 25: Distracted Driving Consequences
Jan 26: Detecting Deadly Carbon Monoxide on Boats
Jan 27: Towing a Trailer Safely
Jan 28: How Important is Your Hand
Jan 29: How to Prevent OSHA’s Fatal Four on Construction Sites
Jan 30: Donnie’s Accident
Jan 31: Workplace Violence

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