Chapter News

May 2024 Daily Safety Focus

May 1 National Safety Stand-Down-Fall Protection
May 2 National Electrical Safety Month
May 3 National Clean Air Month
May 4 Construction Safety Week 2024
May 5 Hurricane Preparedness Week 2024
May 6 May is Motorcycle Safety Month
May 7 The Right Tool for the Job
May 8 What Really is a Near Miss
May 9 Learning from Past Incidents
May 10 Dangers of Driving into the Sun
May 11 Portable Generator Safety Guide
May 12 National Police Week
May 13 Does Attitude Affect Safety?
May 14 Leave Yourself an Out
May 15 Basic Hoisting & Rigging
May 16 2024 Fatality Alert
May 17 Tips to Avoid Animals on the Road
May 18 Avoid Line of Fire & Pinch Point Safety
May 19 Mosquitos are on the Rise
May 20 Hand Puncture During Welding
May 21 Abrasive Tools
May 22 You Only Get Two Eyes
May 23 Seven-Tenths of a Second
May 24 What is a Confined Space
May 25 Is Distracted Walking on the Job a Hazard?
May 26 Being a Mechanic 
May 27 Memorial Day 2024
May 28 True Stories of Injury & Death
May 29 Save Your Back
May 30 Hydration: The Importance of Water x 2
May 31 Water Safety

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January 2024 Daily Safety Focus

Jan 01: New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Workplace Safety
Jan 02: DUI Serious Matter
Jan 03: Help Prevent the Spread of COVID, RSV & Other Flu-like Illnesses:
Jan 04: 2023 MSHA Fatalities
Jan 05: 5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using a Powder-Actuated Tool
Jan 06: Mind on Tasks
Jan 07: Cold Stress: How Cold is Too Cold?
Jan 08: Loading Docks: 5 Steps for Safe Operations:
Jan 09: To be Seen is Your Responsibility
Jan 10: 6 Common Signs of Work-Related Fatigue
Jan 11: Can You Identify These Health & Safety Signs?
Jan 12: Cell Phones
Jan 13: Sun Damage is Still a Risk During Colder Months
Jan 14: Tool Quiz
Jan 15: Machinery and Equipment Safety
Jan 16: Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls
Jan 17: Caught-In Hazards
Jan 18: Ladder Safety
Jan 19: Stroke Prevention
Jan 20: Sudden Traffic Stops
Jan 21: A Can-Do Attitude Can Get You Killed
Jan 22: Disabled Vehicles
Jan 23: Parking lot Safety
Jan 24: When Confidence Becomes Carelessness!
Jan 25: Distracted Driving Consequences
Jan 26: Detecting Deadly Carbon Monoxide on Boats
Jan 27: Towing a Trailer Safely
Jan 28: How Important is Your Hand
Jan 29: How to Prevent OSHA’s Fatal Four on Construction Sites
Jan 30: Donnie’s Accident
Jan 31: Workplace Violence

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OSHA New Inspection Initiative

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is planning a new inspection
initiative that will focus on conducting enhanced enforcement and compliance assistance efforts in the engineered stone fabrication and installation industries. A primary goal of this initiative will be to prioritize OSHA inspection activities in workplaces where workers are typically exposed to high levels of silica, and to identify hazards and ensure prompt abatement.

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Presidents Message 2023-2024

As President of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) – South Florida Chapter, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bobby Glass, ASP, CHST, CSMP and I’m currently the Director of Safety for Centerline, Inc., located in Palm City, FL. I’ve been an active member, of ASSP, since 1999 and in the past several years, I’ve held several positions with the most recent position being that of President for 2020-2021/board member and I’ve been selected to hold the position again for 2023-2024. It’s my honor to represent our Chapter and I pledge to uphold the bylaws of our charter and to do my best to enhance our local Chapter on an on-going basis. I encourage each of you to participate on all levels and really think about volunteering your time and eventually applying and holding positions within the chapter.

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Professional Safety Journal

Each peer-reviewed issue of Professional Safety offers practical guidance, techniques and solutions to help occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals identify hazards, protect people, prevent injuries, improve work environments and educate management that investing in safety is a sound business strategy. Annual subscription is included with your membership.